Cloud Swing

Bring a cloud swing artist to your event, this is a fascinating and incredible exhibition of aerial feats.
During the Cloud Swing performance our talented aerialist stands on a single length of rope, and raised above your audiences head while performing courageous release tricks.

Various themes can be created with costumes to make the performance unique.

The act includes:

1 Artist 
1 Performance

Our performers are professional and competitively priced.

Please call our commercial department on 01323 325 957 for a recommendation and quote on the best performances for your guests.

Technical Requirements.

  • The room must be a minimum of 5.5m high. Having rigging already in place is ideal.
  • We can work with beams, metal girders or reinforced hooks (similar to those used for chandeliers).
  • All rigging must accommodate a 1/2 ton safe working load.
  • We require access to the top via a ladder or cherry picker.
  • A P.A. system will need to be provided for the act.
  • 1 room for dressing and make up (changing room).

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