Tight Rope

Tight Rope Walkers

Bring a tight rope walker to your event.
High-wire Daredevils have fascinated through the ages with this high risk performer they are the experts in delivering ground breaking performance that will take your event to new heights.

The act includes.

  • 1 tight rope walker
  • Equipment
  • Soundtrack


  • Ambient sets
  • Specially choreographed routine

Our performers are professional and competitively priced.

Please call our commercial department on 01323 325 957 for a recommendation and quote on the best performances for your guests.

Technical Requirements.

  • A suspension of belief will be required.
  • 1 room for dressing and make up (changing room)
  • The room must be a minimum of 5m this space would be required for rigging the wire
  • A P.A. system will need to be provided for the act.

Our various act prices start at £100, download the information and price pack by clicking the button below.

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